Re-painting Process

If you are planning to upgrade existing paint finish or change of colours Touch up Putty, 1 coat of Primer and 2 coats of Paint

Fresh-painting Process

If you are planning to upgrade existing paint finish or change of colours 1 coat of Primer, 2 coats of Putty, 1 coat of Primer and 3 coats of Paint
Step 1: Priming - Preparatory Coat
Surfaces that are yet to receive any paint,need to be priemd first. Primer creates the foundation for receiving further coats of putty and paint, ensuring improved paint adhesion and durability of paint layer. Tools Used : Roller , Brush
Step 2: Putty - 2 Coats
Putty is a white-cement based compound,applied on dry walls and ceiling. Putty smoothens the surface and makes in ready to receive paint. Liberal coats of Putty, to be applied on to the primed surface. At least 2 to 3 coats of Putty would prove beneficial. Tools Used : Putty Knife
Step 3: Priming - The Guardian Coat
Another coat of primer to be applied over putty to prevent patchy appearance after final coat of paint. "It is always advisable to use primer, as it increases durability(life) of paint. Priming can never be skipped, when using paints with higher sheen(gloss)." Before priming over puttied surface,it needs to be sanded using grit to remove any dust.After priming,the surface has to dry naturally for a day, before painting over. Tools Used : Roller , Brush
Step 4: Painting : Finishing Touches
Paints produce that final finish and colour of the surface. Before deciding on the product, end requirements in term sof functionality and appearance, must be considered. On freshly cured surfaces, we recommend 3 coats will be applied to achieve the required finish, colour and a durable, consistent layer. Paints that produce a highly smooth finish, may require an additional coat also. Ceiling to be painted first, and then the walls. Surface needs to dry naturally after every coat.Water based paints like Emulsions that are used on walls and ceiling surfaces, dry fast (in 3 - 4 hours). Tools Used : Roller , Brush

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Interior Home Painting | Traditional Painters | classical painters

Home Painting services provides an innovative solutions that upgrade the entire experience of interior painting for clients. Aapkapainter give a full support in interior house wall painting process by giving flexible way of choosing interior paint contractors on behalf of the best painting service providers. We are committed to deliver satisfying house painting services by offering expert consultation on colours, materials, tools, and budgets to meet the desired results. Aapkapainter- house painting company is a smart choice of reputable customers from various city like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore, whose interests in interior home painting services makes us more competitive and up to date with new technological advancement like usage of cutting-edge vacuum machines to keep your house dust-free in minimum time. We have a team of professional painters to perform perfect home interior painting services. We apply best available home paint procedures than traditional painting to match client painting needs.

Have you ever thought which paint colors would be high productive for a specific room? If you are planning home interior painting then only the complex task is the selection of best paint for rooms. The color of house represents your room personality which positively affects your mood and thoughts. Explore our interior paint colors and interior painting design ideas to meet your painting requirements and choose the best wall paint which creates a confident atmosphere around you for higher creativity. Many people select idle paint for the creation of bold look for their interior walls. Most often people use the different combinations along with a bright shade from several available colors palette in market. There are ‘n’ numbers of colors which are categorized on the basis of different product_finishes as follows:

Matte Paint gives your room a simple, natural look: It’s stress-free to apply, even though, at times, it takes more than a single coat to produce a decent and stunning finish. Examples: Royale Matte, Royale Atmos, Tractor Emulsion Advanced

Satin or Semi Gloss Paint makes a long lasting and more durable film: Satin or semi gloss is a paint which is somewhere in between matte and gloss paint. This makes it perfect for spaces where you have to clean the walls on a regular basis. Examples: Royale Aspira, Apex Ultima Ptotek
Gloss Paint is a type of paint finish which adds a glow over the walls: Nail down that gloss paint displays all the damages on a wall and attaining a smooth coverage will often require more than a single coat. Examples: Woodtech PU Interior
Interior Painting Techniques-Interior Painting Tips and Tricks
There's no better, more reasonably priced way to refresh up your house and rooms than with a new coat of paint. Painting interior walls are the easiest method to neaten up your place. But this project can promptly turn nightmarish if you're not cautious. Follow these tips and tricks the next time you paint your interior walls and you'll get awesome-looking walls while maintaining your sanity. These tips and tricks for interior painting can help you perk up the quality of your interior painting project and save time and money in the route.

Interior Painting Preparation- Interior Painting Tools
More than a few new interior painting tools hit the market each year that makes the overall interior painting process smoother. These tools offer genuine benefits and can make your next interior painting or staining project faster, quicker and more comfortable.

Interior Home Painting Designs and Colors

No matter what room, shade, or aesthetic you're on the lookout for, we've got designs and color ideas. And then we've got some more design and color ideas. Here is a compilation of all our best paint colors and designs in one place to make it smoother and more accessible. By the time you're done with this story, you'll have all your paint colors and designing woes all solved. No matter if you want something bold and intense, neutral, or ultimately soothing, we've got each color and design idea you must consider.

Interior Painting Company in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi

Aapka Painter Interior Painting Company in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi has made the route of getting your house painted a whole lot less bothersome. We convey both speeds as well as quality, so you don’t have to budge your entire life around to get your house painted. Before beginning to paint, our squad of professional painters will do a walkthrough to evaluate the project and get your home ready for interior house painting.

Cost of Painting an Interior House per Square Foot India

The Typical Cost to Paint an Interior House per Square Foot depends on more than a few variables, but the major one is the size. To begin with, compute the exterior square footage of your house and then multiply it by the height of your home, right from the ground to the roofline. After that, subtract windows as well as doors you don’t intend to paint.

Interior Wall Painting Design Ideas for Small House

Interior Wall painting designs are cost-effective choices to beautify your small house creatively. Here are more than a few wall paint designs accessible in the market that can help give your small home a wholly astounding and modern look. Check out these beautiful Interior Wall Painting Design Ideas to make your Small House look remarkable.

Interior Wall Painting Design for Living Room, Hall, and Kitchen

Your Living Room, Hall, and Kitchen are the setting for many memories and passive moments. So it's not astonishing that paint colors for living rooms, Hall, and Kitchen have an enormous blow on the general mood of your house. Deciding on the best living room, Hall, and Kitchen paint colors can be a challenge for a lot of us. Mainly, since these are those spaces in your house that get all your eyes as these are the spaces where you connect with your loved ones and have guests.

When it comes to Interior house Painting and Design Ideas for Living Room, Hall, and Kitchen, go for shades that make an impact on you as it does to the visitors of your house each time you enter the space. Choose colors and designs that can help embellish the size of the room while making it feel more relaxed and welcoming.

Interior House Painting Color Combinations

Color can make or break your interior home painting depending on the color combinations you choose. The color combination you prefer for interior house walls has a deep influence on your family, and quite a lot of people tend to carry out mistakes while picking the appropriate color combinations. But, we want the most excellent color combination for your house interiors. Let’s check out some of the most outstanding interior house wall color combinations that you must try in for your house painting project.

Get Inspired With Interior House Paint Colors Pictures

Painting your house is a reasonably priced way to personalize your home décor. To make the most of your interior design, you need to paint more than just the walls. Looking for some imaginative interior house painting ideas? Want information on how to paint your house like a pro? Look out for our interior house paint color pictures for seeking some imagination and creativity that would turn your home into a complete masterpiece. Whether you're painting a hall, deciding for bathroom colors or repainting many rooms, we're here to help you with amazing pictures and interior online painting ideas!