Deep Cleaning

HAPPINESS is… The smell of freshly clean space which soothes you inner chaos.

Make you place bright and beautiful with Colorwale’s deep cleaning service.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A deep cleaning service would usually take 6-7 hours but again it is dependent on the area of the office

Any inaccessible areas such as outside the windows, lofts & water tanks will not be covered. Along with this, we would not be cleaning the inside of cabinets & drawers unless empty. Electrical appliances such as Microwave Oven, Refrigerators & Air Conditioners would be cleaned externally only.

Deep cleaning is different from regular or spring cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home. It covers areas which aren’t traditionally covered by a regular or spring clean for example: behind kitchen appliances like the washing machine and oven, cutting through the grime that builds up.

We wipe clean all surfaces in the home, including tables, countertops, appliances, chairs, dressers, window sills, sink basins and faucets. We spend extra time in the bathroom, cleaning the bathtub, shower, mirrors and toilet. Light fixtures, picture frames and baseboards – we dust them all.

Yes our home cleaning crew is highly professional and trained. We have certified crew

Deep Cleaning Process

Office Cleaning

Colorwale office deep cleaning service includes:-

• Dusting of furniture
• Dusting of partition glasses
• Cleaning and dusting of windows (if any)
• Removal of dust and dirt
• Polishing of wooden surfaces

• Dusting of furniture, cushions, chairs, telephones and all the items present in the office
• Carpet vacuuming (if carpet is present)
• Cleaning of online individual cubicles
• Glass cleaning
• Passage cleaning
• Cleaning of staircases (if any)

• Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
• Vent and blind dusting
• Wash Closet cleaning
• Wash basins
• Mirror cleaning

Home cleaning

Colorwale Home cleaning service includes:-

• Furniture Dusting
• Mattress vacuuming
• Cupboard cleaning from outside and inside
• Windows and grills
• Lighting fixtures
• Floor scrubbing
• Dry dusting of walls and ceiling
• Sofa cleaning

• Showers and Taps
• Windows & Exhaust Fan
• Floor and Tile Scrubbing
• Cobweb removal
• Shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if emptied
• Mirror and Glass Cleaning
• Water closet and wash basin

• Window & Exhaust Fan
• Wiping of Appliances from outside
• Cabinets from inside and outside.
• Kitchen Platform
• Cobwebs Removal
• Dry dusting of walls and ceiling
• Floor Scrubbing

• Floor Sterilization
• Toilet Cleaning
• Furniture Cleaning
• Surface Treatment
• Walls and Ceiling
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Window Cleaning