Ironic : Wall Texture Painting Design

Name: Ironic
Product: Royale Play Ironic

Best for: Creative Office Space

Price Rate: Rs. 320/sq ft

International Designer Collection IDC Royale Play Ironic Texture gives unique looks to small walls and can be used for urban as well as industrial decorations. When an iron surface comes in contact of atmosphere ironic texture produces rust.

Application Procedure of Royale Play Ironic Texture:-

1. Apply one coat of Novoprimer.

2. After drying, Apply one layer of Ironic Fondo Material.

3. After drying of 1st coat, Apply 2nd coat of Ironic Fondo.

4. After 2hour, Apply 1st coat of Ironic Oxidizing Liquid by using sponge.

5. Once it dried, Apply 2nd coat of Ironic Oxidizing Liquid.

6. Apply one layer of Diluted Decofix micro sealer by using roller for reduce the natural oxidizing.

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