Marmorino Travetine Effect : Wall Texture Painting Design

Name: Marmorino Travetine Effect
Product: Royale Play Marmorino

Best for: Creative Office Space

Price Rate: Rs.320/sq ft

International Designer Collection Marmorino Travetine Effect is a Rough Texture effect.

Coverage:- Marmorino ks product cover 10-12sqft for 2coats.

Application Procedure for Marmorino Travetine Effect:-

1. Apply PebbleTex Primer diluted with 30% water on Existing putty & primer surface.

2. Apply Royale Play Marmorino 1st coat using trowel on Primered surface.

3. Once the 1st coat has been dried, apply 2nd coat & create the Pattern using Travetine trowel.

4. After 10min, when 2nd coat is semi dry condition, buff the surface gently to smooth it.

5. Once the Royale play Marmorino 2nd coat has been dried apply 2coats of diluted (200%) Royale Play Protective coat, by using sponge roller.

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