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Process Of Melamine Wood Polishing

Sanding: As in French polish, in this polish too, the surface is sanded first with rough polish paper and then with smooth polish paper

Sealer coat:  This sealer coat is to be sprayed/brushed first. Sealer coat takes about 12 hours to dry.

Sanding with water paper: On drying the sealer coat, the surface is sanded with smooth water paper This sanding removes the excess sealer layers and also, makes the surface further smooth.

Filling with melamine fillers: Special filler pastes of various stains are available in the market and only these fillers should be used for melamine polishing. 

1st coat of melamine: Melamine polish is normally sprayed by a spray gun. A proper amount of hardener should be added to the melamine before spraying. Compressed air is supplied to the spray gun by a compressor.

Re-sanding with water paper: After the first coat is dried, that is after about 24 hours, the surface is sanded thoroughly with smooth water paper. It is then allowed to air for about 12 hours.

Final coat of melamine polish: The final coat is then given by spraying melamine as in the first coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Melamine polish is a closed pore polish i.e. it makes the wood non-breathable product that protects wood from mainly hot and cold surfaces placed over it. Melamine polish dries off within 20 mins. after its application that offers more of glossy appearance then matt finish on coated wood panel or surface.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has concluded that there is sufficient evidence in experimental animals for the carcinogenicity of melamine under conditions in which it produces bladder stones. There is inadequate evidence for carcinogenicity in humans.

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