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About Mrf Wood Polishing

About MRF : RF is a versatile two pack clear wood finish which provides long lasting protection and a smooth finish on wooden articles at an economical price.

MRF Wood Coat PU Exterior Glossy is an excellent Top Coat – UV Stable and Water Resistant.

This transparent finish, available in glossy, matt and satin finishes, enhances the beauty of wood and imparts elegance.

The smooth finish imparts good adhesion, color retention, sealing effect against moisture, protection against domestic spills like nail polish, beverages, alcoholic drinks, etc.

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The MRF Polyurethane Coating Systems come in a variety of substrates that provide superior surface finish. It’s used by various industries such as Automotive, Decorative and Industrial through a wide range of pigmented and clear shades across metallic, glossy and matte surface finishes.

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