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Process Of Pu Polishing

  1. Sand your wood before applying any finish coats – Helps you to removes dust and debris, and also improves the polyurethane’s adhesion.
  2. Wipe the piece down with a clean tack cloth – Helps you to removes any dust or small wood particles left behind by the sandpaper.
  3. Stir the polyurethane in the can – If you have purchased a semi-gloss, satin or matte finish, make sure to stir the flattening agent up from the bottom.
  4. Apply the first coat of polyurethane –  Spread the finish thinly to avoid drips. Once the polyurethane has begun to dry, be careful not to brush over it.
  5. Allow the first coat of polyurethane to dry – Polyurethane dries fairly slowly, so it is best to wait a full 24 hours before applying the next coat.
  6. After the first coat is dry, lightly sand with 400 grit sandpaper – After The Sanding Apply the second coat The Process is same as First If desired, a third coat be be applied following the same method for extra sheen and durability. Do not sand the last coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyurethane (PU) is a type of synthetic varnish used for finishing and sealing wood. In interior applications such as finishing floors and wood furniture

The PU polish is available in multiple stains that help getting the desired shade of wood. You can choose from the shades of teak, mahogany finishing, natural veneer style or other shades available.

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