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Why & What is Disinfection And Sanitization

House is the place where we feel safe and comfortable. Even though the situation is not good in the outside world, but still staying at home we can breath a sigh of relief. But some of our unhygienic practices can make our home and commercial places unhealthy, resulting in spread of numerous diseases. Also the passage outside our house and offices can have lot of harmful germs which can make you sick. During this difficult time, when the corona virus is creating havoc everywhere, Colorwale is providing you the specialized Sanitization and disinfectant packages.
Sanitization process
Colorwale will be using advance pressure steaming technology which will ensure that your houses and offices are completely germ free. With the use of this technology, we can assure you that it will kill all kinds of bacteria and germs from your furniture and other items present in your house as well as your offices. The extreme pressure steam from the device kills all kinds of viruses. This process doesn’t require any pre- arrangements so it can be done easily anytime. On site work The on-site work will be carried out by our trained professionals. They will be using a high quality disinfectant solution and will clean all the places which are regularly used by the residents. The solution which has been sprayed should be left for the 15 mins, which will help in cleaning the surface of the objects. Similarly we are also providing you the service in which we will sanitize the passages and staircases in the buildings and societies. Same services will be provided for the gyms and all kind of commercial places. The disinfectant is non-hazardous so it will be completely safe for toddlers, aged people and animals to stay around.
Protect your home and office from Virus
Did you know, most of the infections and diseases spread through the unhygienic lifestyle we follow. It’s very important to make sure that our house and workplace is well sanitized professionally on regular basis to keep it free from infections .
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Home Disinfection & Sanitization Cost

Apartment Disinfection

  • 1BHK -> Rs. 1499/-
  • 2BHK -> Rs. 1699/-
  • 3BHK -> Rs. 1899/-
  • 4BHK -> Rs. 2499/-
  • 5BHK -> Rs. 2999/-

Bungalow Disinfection

  • Villa(2000-3000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 2099/-
  • Villa(3000-4000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 2499/-
  • Villa(4000-5000 sq. ft.) -> Rs. 3099/-

Commercial Space Disinfection

  • Up to - 5000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 2.00 per sq. ft.
  • 5001 - 10000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 1.50 per sq. ft.
  • 10001 - 20000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 1.00 per sq. ft.

  • 20001 - 50000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.75 per sq. ft.
  • 50001 - 100000 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.60 per sq. ft.
  • Above - 100001 sq. ft. -> Rs. 0.50 per sq. ft.

Home Sanitization will be done by a team of professionals who are in cleaning industry for long time and trained for excellent workmanship. And we will be using Pro grade products. So, combining both we can ensure no germs/bacteria’s or viruses are left on the affected areas. For best results, we recommended to get Disinfection or Sanitization done on periodic basis as the deadly injectants would contaminate through air, water too.

Our Disinfectant professionals would mask themselves with the PPE kit, gloves and other industry standard safety gadgets while executing the work. Once the task is done, the kits are either discarded or sanitized and washed as per the guidance of the manufactures.

No, the chemicals or disinfectants used are non-hazardous for human beings or any mammals. Our experts use only chemicals which are approved by govt agencies for domestic use. When it comes to sanitization, it will be based on the steam so no harmful chemicals will be used in the process except for clean water.

Best Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Virex ii 256 It is the product of Diversey company. It is one-step disinfectant cleaner and deodorant. Virex ii 256 is mainly for clean and disinfect solid surfaces.This kills the kills microorganisms. Generally we are using it in hospital cleaning and general institutional facilities like mall and schools

  • Pre-clean heavily soiled areas
  • Dilute a 1:256 solution into a bucket, bottle, scrubber or other container
  • Apply solution to hard, nonporous environmental surfaces. To disinfect, all surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes
  • Air Dry, wipe surfaces to dry and remove any residue, or rinse with potable water as necessary.
  • Nerokem Germsol Sanitizer We are using Nerokem Germsol Sanitizer for broad spectrum (like open areas, whole house or complete office) for Sanitization. Its very good product for cleaner cum sanitizer>Floor care
  • Restroom care
  • General Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Kitchen & Food Safety
  • Carpet Care
  • Surface cleaning and sanitation
  • Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Clorox providing so many disinfectants. Which we can use for lasrg cale cleaning. Clorox Disinfecting Bleach one of most useable product for disinfection of home and office space.

  • Apply on Pre-wash surface
  • Mop or wipe with solution of 1/3 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water
  • Allow solution to contact surface for at least 6 minutes
  • Rinse well with clean water and let surface air dry
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    Pandemic Special measures taken by Colorwale

    1.) Our complete work forces are in-house team, and are accommodated by company in the areas which are recognized as Green zones by Government. And we have made sure they have followed all guidelines given by Government during and Post lockdown.

    2.) All the essentials and food supplies are taken care by our company to ensure workers don't go out and risk their health.

    3.) Complete team has been provided with Masks, Sanitizers and required uniform to protect themselves from any kind of air borne infections. Home Sanitization & Deep Cleaning professionals are all geared with PPE kit as additional safety measures.

    4.) Thermal scanning has been implemented and temperatures of all workers are recorded on daily basis. Our HR team has been strictly involved in keeping a track of health conditions of each and every workers.

    5.) Logistic and procurement of materials have been given at most care to ensure a safe commute of workers and zero contact delivery of goods required for work.

    6.) Training and special attention has been given on hygienic practice and social distancing for additional personal care.

    Note:- With all these initiatives, we can ensure that our customers are gets safe work environment, in budget without any compromise in quality.