Shalimar Paint Products

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colorwale have much collection of Shalimar Paints products such as Signature, Superlac Stay Clean, Superlac Advance, No. 1 Silk Emulsion, MASTER ACRYLIC EMULSION, No. 1 Premium Acrylic Distemper, Mela Acrylic Distemper, Shalimar Wall Neutralising Cement Primer, Shalimar Water Thinnable Cement Primer, Universal White Primer, No. 1 Primer, Magic Acrylic Wall Putty, WeatherPRO+, Xtra Tough 100% Acrylic Exterior Emulsion, Super Shaktiman, Maha Cemkote Waterproof Cement Paint, Cemkote+ Waterproof Cement Paint, Shalimar Exterior Acrylic Wall Primer, Shakti Exterior Primer, Shakti Acrylic Wall Guard Putty, Superlac Premium Hi-Gloss, Superlac Satin Finish Enamel, Superlac Lustre Finish Enamel, Shalimar Rust Guard Red Lead Primer, Shalimar Synthetic Red Lead Primer, Shalimar Zinc Chromate Yellow Primer, Jetlac Carewood Enamel, Superlac Hi-Gloss Enamel, Universal White Primer, Shalimar Pink Primer, Superlac Clear Synthetic Varnish, Heart Brand Dry Colour for Cement Floors etc.


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