6 measures the company will follow after the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most massive episodes recorded in the history of humankind. The virus has not only hampered our social networks but as well as our economic networks. After this pandemic, we are going to enter in an “era of radical uncertainty”- a frequently used phrase. After the pandemic, everything will be unpredictable. Everything will be vulnerable too. But the world wouldn’t stop at all. It will keep on moving. Everyone needs to start from the nought. All the sectors will go under a tremendous change so will the painting industry. The way of communication, the style of painting, the method of dealing with clients everything will change. There will be a lot of new ideas and innovation. We have an old phrase which says “old is gold” but in the upcoming era “Innovation will be gold” There is a list of a few things in which the company will make sure that it is followed. Because the danger of this pandemic will be prevailing for a long time. It will always be better to take precautions than correcting our mistakes afterward.

1. Initial communication with the client

Earlier in the absence of pandemic, the Client used to prefer going to the office of the respective company or, they choose to call a consultant of the company at their place so that they get to know everything about design, color palettes and color combination, texture, quotation and many more things. But after the pandemic, people will be in favor of doing all this work online. With the help of video conferencing, our clients can solve all their problems and finalize their deals online. This will be the most preferable option and this will be the first step towards the “zero contact painting”.

2. The health of the workers
Health is wealth or in the regional language, it is said that सर सलामत तो पगडी पचास!!. It means that in any circumstances health is important and it is a priority. Similarly, painting companies do care about their employees. They will make sure that the health of the employees is absolutely fine before visiting the client’s house. All the workers will go through a thermal scanning process to ensure that they are in a good health condition.
3. Self Sanitizations and other precautions
Before entering the house of the client, the workers and supervisors who accompany them will have to make sure that they get completely sanitized and make use of gloves and masks too throughout the working period. The company can also make use of suits for ensuring the complete safety of the painters as well as the client. Painting containers can be sanitized fully before entering. The second most important thing is to cover the belongings and floor of the house. This step will be done properly and carefully so that no damage is caused to the property.
4. No physical contact on the site
“No handshake, greet with folded hands” is trending. And this trend is most likely to get continued even after the pandemic. The workers and supervisors will not come in physical contact with any person belonging to the client’s house. They will make sure that they follow social distancing as much as possible while working in the house.
5. Payment method
India on a very large scale is trying to get digitized. The Indian government is encouraging every citizen to make cashless transactions. After pandemic, online payments can be the best mode of payments so that there is no human contact.  These are the essential things that workers and supervisors will follow after the end of the massive pandemic. All these measures will ensure the safety of the client as well as the workers.
6. Essentials
For making “zero contact painting” workers will take all the necessary items including their meals and other personal requirements to the site. This will reduce the contact between the client and the worker. Painters will take care that they don’t leave the site unless and until they are done for the day. Because if they leave the site and go outside it might get dangerous for both client and the worker.


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