Home care solutions during Monsoon!!

Have you noticed that the rainy season is just around the corner?? Or you can say that it has almost arrived!! Monsoon is such a beautiful season and it brings joy to millions of people. The aroma of the wet mud, a big cup of tea, hot and delicious pakoras and what not things which mesmerize us throughout the monsoon. It’s a season which brings sigh of relief to everyone. A rainy day relaxes and soothes our soul.

But this season can be very dangerous for our residential and commercial spaces. It will just take away the beauty of your places. Some of the common problems are leakage, dampness, fungi, mild due. This is the biggest nightmare one can have. Many beautiful spaces get spoiled due to leakage. Therefore the best solution is to do waterproofing before it’s too late.

Basically waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house. Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. Walls of a house take the maximum hit during monsoons. Moisture gets collected in walls which leads to cracks, damp patches, peels and blisters. It is important to notice early signs of seepage such as wet walls of a basement, mold and fungi on walls and corners, rotting of wooden door panels and window panes and water collection inside the house. 

A coat of waterproofing cement will save your place from all this stuff. The air inside the house becomes moist resulting in dampness of plaster on the wall. Due to this ventilation of the home reduces and humidity increases. One should opt for silicon paint as it has high water resistance. 

With the help of water proofing cement and paints cracks can be repaired. Before filling up the crack it is important to first remove all the losses plaster and then apply waterproof plaster.

Using waterproofing cement chances of further damage are reduces. In the case of an external wall after applying waterproofing cement tiles can be applied. Places where molds and fungus are there they need extra care. These areas should be cleaned properly before applying the cement. 

If not taken properly during monsoon it can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to your homes. Waterproofing a building prevents rainwater from seeping into the building and reduces damage. To improve the life of us, it is important to take special care of our spaces.


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