Rental Painting

Just imagine leaving your house with dull walls and returning to a freshly painted house!!
Well that’s absolutely possible.. Colorwale is providing you a service where you can experience this feeling.

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For an optimum effect, select soft tones of off-white, blue and green, and always remember that brighter rooms look bigger and more inviting. Try painting your wall trim and moldings in a lighter color than your walls. By doing so, the walls will appear farther back, making your living room seem bigger.

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Rental Painting Process

Rental Painting Process

1.Sanitization: We care for you!! so the first step is we make sure that all our crew members , Products & Tools are completely sanitize.

2.Covering and preparation: we take care of each and everything. We start covering the furniture, sofa, tables, switchboards and other elements like TV, fans, etc. 

3. Surface Preparation: Scrapping, Removing loose paints, cracking etc

4.Touch-up Putty: Putty is a white cement that is applied only to cracked surface .

5. Priming: Primer ensures better adhesion of the paint to the surface to increase paint durability and create a uniform appearance

6.Painting: After the primer is dried, the painting process is started. Usually, 2 coats of paints are required, but colors with high sheen may require more than that. Coloring gives a final touch up to the wall and makes it look gorgeous.

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